Nachrichten und Updates

2015-07-20: E-mail notification service update

Dear customesr!

Many of You already saw and found it useful that our e-mail notification service was updated. Now if You add link to bought or sold product then you can see logotype of the shop among with parcel title, and details of added product link in update notifications. Sellers of such trading boards like Ebay,Amazon, Indiegogo and Kickstarter can notify their buyers with details of the item in notification emails.

currently service supports details from these shops:
- most popular chinese trading board
- chinese mall, selling wide spectre of products like electronics, wear, etc
- oldest american trading board and store
- else one chinese universal mall
- else one chinese with wide rangeof products based on electronic gadjets
- young store of electronic gadjets, phones and accessory
- most popular american auction
- european trading board selling handmade goods
- chinese shop of electronic gadjets and lightening
- another popular chinese shop of electronic gadgets
- american shop of goods for health and care
- crowdfunding sites
- women's high-street fashion shop.

To receive notification with product details, you have to add link to products and items which are available for non registered shop users. Unfortunetely, we can not get information about orders which are not public, so links to order which usually non public will be ignored.

A list of supported shop will be expanded upon request or growing popularity in our service.

2015-06-09: Monitor goods at Ebay and Aliexpress at our service!

Dear customer!

We are glad to present new section "Search at Ebay & Aliexpress", which should becoume great assistant for Ebay and Aliexpress fans.

Add you seach request, tune up limitations (item type, sorting etc.) and service will be automatically watching goods according your search request. All you need is love, cheese to watch updates until you will buy the item you want!

2015-05-29: New section - My goods

Dear customers!

We added new section - My goods, in our service. This section is for account goods which comes without tracking number and which delivery date should be monitored.

At this section you can set notification dates, so you could see timeframe limits, manually change status of goodsand add comment for each status.

2015-05-09: Victory Day!

Congratulations to the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Army over Nazism all users for whom this day is the day of the victory.

Congratulations with Victory Day!
And thanks for all who not changing as chameleon.

2015-05-02: Service interface update

Dear customers!

We've made some updates at our service interface for correct work with mobile browsers.

Due that, we are kindly ask you to report us about all found problems with views. Please add screenshots with reports.

Also if You have any proposal for improvement of interface, don't besy, suggest it to us.

Please Ctrl+F5 to update browsers cache.

2015-03-29: Issues with database. Transport companies update.

Dear customers!

2015-01-17: Share item link with your customer!

Now you can share your link for product, shipped in parcel, with your customers.

Add link to your product when submit new tracking number and enable checkbox at "Share link to your item".

After thatYour customer will be receiving all updates with your product link, which undoubtedly increase customer loyalty.

2015-01-12: 30 additional numbers for free to Aliexpress buyers!

30 additional numbers for free to Aliexpress buyers! Just choose Aliexpress from shop field and add Shaphot link to Link field

2014-08-23: 1st class mail tracking in Russia. Services update.

Dear customer

We're like to inform, that now we can track 1st class mail (international mail started with L) in Russia.

While we working on a new version of our service, we do not forget to update current version too. So, for the last weeks we have added support and updated more than 30 transport companies. They are:

  • Australia: Hunter Express, Skynet Australia
  • Austria: X1 Express
  • Bangladesh: Skynet Bangladesh
  • Belgium: Trakpack
  • Canada: Loomis Express
  • China: China Post, Chuko1, CNZ Express, Cuckoo Express, Fedex China, TNT Innight, Toll China, WeDo, XRU
  • Czech Rep.: Geil
  • Germany: DHL Aviation, DHL Freight, GEL, LogoIX
  • Great Britain: Broadcast, Citipost, CourierIt, Ebay SendIt, Flostream, ExpressAir, Parcel2Go, Hart2Hart, Parcelforce, Perform Logistics, Seabourne Group, Speedy Freight, Superior Logistics, Team air Express, Transol, UKMail, X-One, Shops: Missguided, Wiggle, AASM, Asda Direct, Boohoo
  • Greece: Speedex
  • France: Colis Prive, NetExpress Europe
  • Japan: Hubnet Express
  • Iceland: Iceland Post (partial)
  • India: AIC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, DotZot, Ecom Express
  • Indonesia: Pandu Logistics
  • Italy: Skynet Italia
  • Korea: ACI, Korea local post
  • Kyrgyzstan: Kyrgyz post
  • Malaysia: Malaysia Pos
  • Macau: EMS Macau, Macau post
  • Netherlands: DHL Netherlands, IJS, Skynet Netherlands
  • New zealand: Parcel Express, Toll New zealand
  • Pakistan: Pakistan post
  • Phillines: JRS Express,
  • Poland: Siodemka,
  • Romania: Fan Courier
  • Russia: 4Sides, CDEK, Flip Post, Mailboxes etc., Pony Express, SPSR,
  • San Marino: San Marino Mail
  • Singapore: Dragon Link
  • South Africa: Dawn Wing, EWC express, Skynet South Africa, Supaswift
  • Spain: ASM
  • Venezuela: Zoom
  • UAE: Emirates Sky Cargo
  • USA: Greyhound (Package Express)

2014-07-02: Development of a new version of service

Dear User!

We have started developing of new version of our service and we are interested to know which new functions you want use at our service.

If you have any suggestions about new or existing functionality please send it to our e-mail: or leave us message at facebook or (for russian speaking users).

2014-06-26: Service updates. New functions.

Dear user!

We've added tracking for Amazon orders (AMZ), Hong Kong SCS Express and DPD UK. Also we fixed posts of Philippines, Estonia, Moldova, Madagascar, Norway, China, UK (parcelforce), and TNT Post Italy (Nexive), DPD Poland, Chinese WeDo Express.

We've added view of delivered and stopped items and deletion of all delivered items which are out of archive list.

Aalso we like to warn buyers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, to be careful when buy in Ukraine, especially wester and central paart, because of internal conflict and possibility of provocations.

2014-05-09: Congratulations with 9 May, The Victory Day over fascism!

69 years ago Soviet Union defeated Nazi troops, who seized and destroyed almost whole Europe. Let us remember those Heroes, who gave no chance to Nazis tocapture the world.

Don't forget history to history not repeated.

More about 9 May.

Congratulations with Great Victory Day!

2014-05-06: Big Canadian update

Big Canadian update!

We have added tracking for Citilogistics, Day & Ross, Fastfrate, ICS Courier, Loomis Express (, Sameday Worldwide, TForce Integrated Solutions.

Also we'd like to add Nationex, Geodis Wilson, Agility, but We need valid tracking numbersfor these carriers.

Also added tracking for UK Hermes, US Jet Delivery Inc, Hong Kong's Antron Express, Indian DPD.

Updated: Ukraines SAT, Russian Boxberry, Russian DPD , Chinese Deppon Express, HH express, NSF, Wellsway international, Wecom, ZJS.

If you know more carriers and want them tracked at our service, send us links and valid tracking numbers!

2014-04-22: Service updates.

Dear customers!

For Chinabuying lovers we've added tracking for chinese express services like Shentong Express (STO), YTO, Yunda, 17postservice, 139 Express, UC Express, TK Express (TTKD), ZJS Express, Quan Feng Express, China post (domestic express), UBI Express, Best Express.

Also we rearranges tracking for China post, DTDC and Taiwan post.

2014-04-10: Postal scam warning. Service updates.

Dear users!

Recently We receive several inqueries about some transport companies, which after checking we concluded that they are fraudulent.
As example,, which is a part of classic "nigerian" fraude scheme.

Since this We are asking You to provide Us information abour suspictious transport companies (shops/sites used these "companies"), wgich could be used for international postal fraud and cheating buyers.

Additionally, We'd like to tell You that We have added, fixedk or adjusted tracking for such companies like: Kazpost, Slovenska Posta, DAI post (Australia), ZTO (China), UPS.

At this moment we have some difficulties with getting data from Ukrpost (registered items), but we hope we will solve this problem soon.

Thank You for using our service!